Types of Telephone Systems


Sometimes using the smart telephones for business operations does not always portray a very good professional image. As a matter of fact, use of mobile phones for this purpose does not exhibit the same business features as a telephone system does. The type of a telephone system must meet one’s budget, the purpose and the size of the business. Big businesses, for instance, may not the telephone the telephone systems used in the smaller businesses. There are numerous phone systems that one is required to choose so as long as it suits the preference.

One of them is virtual telephone systems. A virtual telephone system typically operates through connecting a business telephone line with workers’ mobile telephones or residential telephones. Usually, this form of a system has the main business number from which the calls from clients are diverted to the individual’s cell telephone. It has such features such call forwarding, voicemail, automated reception, online faxing and call screening. The virtual telephone system is effective for communicating to the employees working externally to the main business location.

Another common telephone PBX system is the use of a landline. Landline is telephone system is controlled either by the local or the regional telephone company. The system involves connection through copper wire. Despite their maintenance costs, landlines are reliable and save time. However, they are best suited for big companies. Another system is what is referred to as self-hosted VoIP system. This kind of a system is owned and managed by the business itself. The system has a hardware known as the private branch exchange (PBX) which permits the circuit switching within a business’s telephone system. The advantage associated with this form of the telephone system is that the organization is the sole controller of the operations, and it can be configured in the manner that the business may wish.

Cloud-based VoIP telephone system is also another telephone system but unlike other systems, it does not require the maintenance of the hardware by the business itself. All the maintenance services are provided by the service provider. However, the business must make monthly payments to the service provider as per the monthly charges. Its advantage is that a business does not incur the cost of hardware purchase or maintenance as that is already taken care of.

The reason why it is important to have a working and reliable telephone system is that a business must keep in touch with the customers or co-workers to ensure its success. These telephone systems differ in features and services but each suit certain business demands.


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